10 Tips to pack and move your fragile products ( 2017 )

Moving from one place to another location is a challenging and time-consuming process. Everyone feels automatically tired after thinking about packing. The most difficult part of packing is handling fragile items. You should start packing procedure in advance because it will take time and you can’t do in a hurry. You may mess up lots of things and even break some fragile products. Plan ahead of time and properly pack each item as per its value and sensitive nature or find the right movers in town. For your convenience, there are a few tips that will help you to move and pack fragile products:

Arrange the Following Items to pack material, you will need:

  • One permanent marker
  • Scotch tape, painter’s tape and packing tape.
  • Pliable cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper, bubble wrap, old T-shirts, packing paper and packing peanuts
  • Durable boxes

Select Right Cardboard Box for Packing

The first most important thing is the selection of a right box for you. Too large cardboard boxes will have enough room for your products to roll around and these can break by colliding with each other during your travel. The box shouldn’t be too flimsy because it can easily break your fragile products. If you want to find out which cardboard box is the best for you, you should consider the weight of your items.


You should select a box with ¼” double wall. A durable cardboard box will protect your fragile items. A regular shipping and packing box typically bear 80-pounds. If you want to pack lots of glass bottles, you should select a double-walled cardboard box with partition inside. You can use padding to hold each glass strongly to its place. If you want to stack a box to avoid free movement of items, you should select a double-walled cardboard box.

Pack Your Household Fragile Items

In the first step, you have to separate fragile items and keep all pieces together. Wrap each piece of dishware, glasses, bowls and cups. Make sure to select different boxes for plates, glasses, cups, bowls and jars. You should label each box with the name of its inside content. You can use old T-shirts as a pad in the box instead of a newspaper or wrap alone.

Pack Plates


Use bubble wrap to wrap your each plate and use scotch tape to secure covers. Store all plates vertically inside your box. It will help you to reduce surface area and the risk of cracking during transport. If you have fine china, you should put one piece of bendable cardboard or foam between each plate. You should keep foam on the top and bottom of your box and store them vertically. Fill all space in all boxes with T-shirt or crumpled newspaper to reduce any room for movement. You shouldn’t over pack any box because it can surely damage your items.

Pack Glasses

In the first step, you have to wrap all glasses in a newspaper. Tuck the paper inside your glass and secure it with a tape. You should use small to medium dual wall boxes for packing. You can layer boxes, but make sure to keep heavy glasses on the bottom and lighter glasses on the top. Make sure to keep the pieces of bendable cardboard between glasses as a divider. Label each box with the name of its content.

Pack Fine Glassware

Glassware is small in size, but these are heavier to stack. You should use medium wall box to pack glassware. You can arrange them as per their size and weight. Make sure to use foam or cardboard between glasses to protect them.

Pack Mirrors and Glass Items

If you want to ship glass sheets and mirrors (windows or picture frames) from one place to another, you can start with painter’s tape in the centre of the glasses. You have to make a star and expand it to the corners. It will prove helpful to prevent movement of glasses and avoid any vibrations. Keep it in mind that the vibration cracks your glass. To protect edges, you can use foam protectors and wrap the whole mirror in a bubble wrap.

For glass items and smaller mirrors, you can use one mirror grooved box. This box is mainly designed to protect your mirror while moving from one place to another.

Group Items By Size

If you want to store lots of items in a location, you should group them by their size. Keep large mirrors together and keep them away from smaller and fragile pieces. You can use extra layers of bubble wrap, foam sheets or crumpled up papers to protect each piece. If you want to pack valuable art pieces or an expensive mirror, you should use the coating for extra protection.If you have shoes of various sizes , keep the together in a large giant crate.


Crating will be a right choice to move extra fragile items from one place to another. If you can afford, get the services of the removalists: https://www.metromovers.com.au/removalists . The average rate may start around $70 for one piece. You can use a customised crate for your fragile items.

Delicate Ceramics and Vases

If you want to pack delicate ceramics and vases, you should wrap them in the newspaper and stuff this paper in the middle to reduce any friction. Secure the ends of papers with tape. Put this vase in a bubble wrap and secure it with a tape. Pad empty spaces in your box with foam, T-shirt or crumpled newspaper. Keep small pieces away from heavy vases. You can use a similar procedure for abnormally shaped products.

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